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The diamond-bearing kimberlite pipes discovered by Murowa Diamonds were located in an area that was already populated with more than 140 families living on the footprint of the proposed mine site. Murowa Diamonds used World Bank guidelines to resettle families to Shashe, about 150 kilometres east of Murowa.

Murowa Diamonds embarked on a two-year resettlement programme involving the development of farming and community infrastructure at Shashe. Every house and farm had to be replaced, and each family relocated to Shashe was allocated more land than they had in Murowa.

New roads and infrastructure, a rural health centre and a primary school were built. Housing for teachers and nurses were constructed. Micro-irrigation, agricultural and business training programmes allowed farmers to improve their yield and local families to set up sustainable businesses.

While the resettlement scheme has now been returned to the Zimbabwean government, Murowa Diamonds continues to offer support to the Shashe community. Murowa earned two national awards for social responsibility achievements, including the major prize for promoting good corporate citizenship and social responsibility.

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