Health Safety and Environment (HSE) Overview

The company believes that the goal of Zero Harm is achievable and it respects the rights of employees, contractors, visitors and the surrounding community in accordance with the local laws, customs and cultures.

Murowa is committed to maintaining highest Health, Safety and Environmental standards to ensure safe production and that all employees, contractors and visitors on site go home safely and healthy every day.

The company developed, implemented and is maintaining a robust integrated Health, Safety and Environment Management System (HSE MS) to manage critical/significant aspects and risks/impacts, emanating from its activities, products and services at the company’s operations.

The company ensures compliance to relevant/applicable health, safety and environmental laws, standards and voluntary codes both local and international.

Preventive HSE Strategy


We believe a health mind is a safe and productive mind.
‘’Preventive medicine is a pinnacle of good lifestyle and production’’
Wellness elements

  •  HIV&AIDS management
  • Control of Incapacitating diseases
  • Fatigue management
  • Alcohol and other drugs control
  • Diet and Nutrition management
  • Workplace and social stressors awareness

Visible Felt Leadership and Impressive safety culture
‘’Everyone goes home safely and healthy every day’’.
Safety pillars

  • Fatality elimination
  • Prevention of catastrophic events
  • Injury reduction
  • Critical safety behaviours
  • Innovation and technology
  • Learning and communication

‘’Safe production is our way of life’’


Cradle to grave approach
‘’Environmental stewardship – everyone’s responsibility’’.
Environmental strategy

  • Resource conservation
  • Legal compliance
  • Certified Environmental Management System (ISO14001:2015)
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Production efficiency

Success stories:

  • Maintenance of certification since 2007 and successful transition to ISO14001:2015 and recertification audit by DNV – Australia

  • Biodiversity conservation projects within the mine and in surrounding communities

  • Good safety performance – Zero fatality since inception of the mine.

  • 1st position Midlands Zonal World First Aid (WFAD) Competitions

  • 2nd position Chamber of Mines National First Aid Competitions.

  • Two NSSA awards in 2017. Gold (mining sector) and Bronze (all industries) at provincial level.

  • Successful Health promotion day

  • Safety Is Life Observe (SILO) workshop for leaders