Community Partnership

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Murowa Diamonds’ operations impacts five communities – Mutambi, Mhototi, Murowa, Indaba, Davira and has responsibilities over the Shashe resettlement area. We work consultatively with our local communities via a five-year Communities Action Plan and our programmes directly benefit and impact close to 50,000 people.

We strongly believe we need the support of our communities to operate a successful business. Our sustainable development programmes focus on long term sustainability as compared to short term relief or philanthropy. These programmes are anchored on five impact areas namely education, business development and economic empowerment, community health, agriculture and infrastructure development.

Current Programmes include:

  • Operationalisation of factory shells built by Murowa to help incubate small enterprises.

  • Food security -small grains project impacting 1500 households

  • Water reticulation and electrification of Baradzanwa Primary School

  • Public roads maintenance in partnership with the Rural District Council

  • Wet feeding in primary school as a safety net against hunger.

Murowa Diamonds respects the traditional and cultural values of the community and, through commute rosters and internal codes of conduct, we minimise the potential for social and economic fragmentation in these communities. Our employment policies give preference to locals and we are focused on keeping the local economy secure and strong.