About Us

RZM Murowa Mine is a 24-hour open pit mining operation. Production began in 2004. Its current name-plate capacity is around 1.2 million carats per annum of predominantly white, gem-quality diamonds. We produce reasonable quantities of large ‘special’ stones.

In 2015, RioZim led a strategic overhaul exercise for the Company which resulted in a radical change in its business by steering it to a new life of mine plan, new approach to mining and a massive brownfield expansion of the plant code named ‘Project Sunrise’. After having more than tripled its capacity in 2016, RZM Murowa today is a global top 10 diamond mine enabling it to become one of the biggest exporters and foreign currency generators for Zimbabwe.

RZM Murowa is “more than diamonds” as it’s making a significant impact in the country that goes way beyond producing diamonds. We are firmly committed to building a sustainable legacy that will improve the economy and lives in our communities, region and the country . This is achieved through royalty ,tax contributions, initiatives and robust sustainable development projects. Our successes to date lie in our highly skilled workforce and shareholder support in ensuring that the company continues on its journey into the future.

In 2019 we legally changed our name from Murowa Diamonds to RZM Murowa reflective of the new strategic direction the business has undertaken.
We are a member of the Natural Diamond Council where we add our voice to the important diamond industry discussions and sustainable practices.